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May 30

Markets turmoil and the Italian job

Is there a fierce struggle between France and Germany behind the minuet of the Italian President of the Republic and his refusal to appoint the yellow-green Government? Or, instead, “Salvini and Di Maio are on the Soros’ payroll?”, asks prof. Arrigo, professor of economy (read the full interview on Il Fatto Quotidiano). The “God of …

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Oct 07

Chaos is not an accident, it’s the goal

“The political leaders of the European Union are entirely wrong about the Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and the migration to the Union of people fleeing the war zones”. Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that these are not simply the accidental consequences of conflict in the wider Middle East and Africa, but a strategic objective of the …

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Sep 26

The unnoticed crash of the 10 major stock markets

Over the last two months, the most significant global stock market decline since the fall of 2008 has been underestimated by the mainstream media, Michael Snyder observes. Over the last sixty days, we have seen the 8th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis and the 10th largest single …

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Apr 21

Financial engineering is back, International Monetary Fund warns

“IMF tells regulators to brace for global liquidity shock”, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard report on The Telegraph. “Investors are borrowing money to buy shares on the US stockmarket at a torrid pace and are resorting to the same sorts of financial engineering that preceded the last two financial crises. (…) The report said there are clear signs …

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Apr 14

BRICS and the Fiction of “De-Dollarization”

An interesting essays of Prof. Michael Chossudovsky published on Global Research dismantles the position of “the financial media as well as (of) segments of the alternative media (that) are pointing to a possible weakening of the US dollar as a global trading currency resulting from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) initiative” to …

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May 07

Credito all’export: incontri B2B con Banco Popolare

In occasione del convegno “L’internazionalizzazione delle imprese” promosso dall’Istituto di Cultura Bancaria “Francesco Parrillo”, dalla Facoltà di Economia-Sapienza Università di Roma e dal Banco Popolare (scarica il programma), OPUSNET organizza incontri di business per le imprese italiane interessate alle opportunità di finanziamento di progetti, investimenti, operazioni e attività sui mercati esteri. Il convegno si terrà …

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Apr 21

The American disaster and the attempt to sink Western economies

Are the USA dragging Europe into the divisive world of creditors and debtors, and looking for a new “cold war”? This is the summary of the latest Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin n° 84 dealing with such hypothesis. Read more here (Italian) and here (French).

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