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Oct 24

The false flag war on CO2

Hurricane Florence

Malthusian extremism and big business may hide behind ‘global warming’ and the war on CO2. While militars are “arming the nature”, as in this interesting report (Italian and English) on such a big business. Learn also about nice games as “How to destroy the environment” (by Prof. MacDonald, former President Johnson’s counsellor. UCLA., 1968), and how …

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May 02

TTIP Leaks

Greenpeace unveils confindential TTIP papers demonstrating the fierce US position against the interest of citizens and the environment. And for a view on the danger on European interests, see this article by Tavolo Majella.

Mar 27

Mass poisoning in the Green Region of Europe #2

No monitoring over waters in Abruzzo by Public Authorities, ISS says -after a decade, many allegations and two trials… And the new wells for drinkable water had been drilled downstream the largest toxic (and illegal) waste disposal in Europe. According to the ISS’s report, Public Authorities knew the pollution danger since 2004 but no advise …

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Mar 26

Mass poisoning in the Green Region of Europe

One of the largest case of mass poisoning in Western Countries was discovered 7 years ago in Abruzzo, Italy with contribution of WWF which ordered water analysis on the Bussi dwellings to an independent lab. Though, the official analysis has just been released after two trials and new allegations to 7 Solvay’s managers brought by …

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Jan 12

Finite resources in a finite World

Gail Tverberg tries to answer why a finite World may be a problem… read more about the economic implications of finite resources.

Jun 14


Chemtrails: barium aerosol?

The controversial question of geoengineering does not seem to attract the interest of the government of the Western Countries. However, it should. Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s oceans, soils and/or atmosphere.  HAARP and ELF/ULF waves are among the technology projects and tools used in this field.  Read here about other (than …

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Mar 13

Deficit cuts and the obious link with recession

It is a debated issue in these times, that of deficit cuts, along with the less famous theme of the “end of growth” and that of the finite nature of resources on hearth. In his Museletter 249, Richard Heinberg connects them in a summary of thoughts which may turn useful to those aiming to understand why …

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