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Jul 11

The loose tights between inflation and unemployment


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… And the myth of immaculate inflation. Read also on The Phillips Curve and the Lucas Critique here


Jun 26

Trust in the Union and optimism about the future is growing

Optimism about the economy and strong support for the euro goes with raising trust in the European Union. The full report and press release here. #EuropeanUnion


Jun 26

Innovative services don’t fear crisis

Hi-tech services can grow during crisis. Resilience and capacity to be fully exploited.


Jun 22

Time for the EIB to lead on the clean energy transition

Current EIB's financing to fossil fuels

Time for the EU’s bank to lead on the clean energy transition Source:

May 30

Markets turmoil and the Italian job

Is there a fierce struggle between France and Germany behind the minuet of the Italian President of the Republic and his refusal to appoint the yellow-green Government? Or, instead, “Salvini and Di Maio are on the Soros’ payroll?”, asks prof. Arrigo, professor of economy (read the full interview on Il Fatto Quotidiano). The “God of …

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May 14

Fondo di garanzia – Legge 662/96 – Circolare n. 6/2018: garanzie su portafogli di finanziamenti

E’ stata emanata la Circolare n. 6/2018 con cui Mediocredito Centrale informa che il 10 maggio 2018 √® stato pubblicato nella Gazzetta Ufficiale il comunicato di adozione del decreto del Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico 26 aprile 2018, di approvazione delle modalit√† operative per la concessione della garanzia del Fondo su portafogli di finanziamenti. Lo stesso …

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Apr 18

Cold fusion: news from US military contractors

Lockheed Martin declares development of a new nuclear fusion reactor “like no other”. The US defense contractor says that the reactor is no bigger than a shipping container, but could power 80,000 homes. The defense company estimates that just 25 pounds of fuel could run the reactor for an entire year, non-stop, and generate a …

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