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Nov 01

Europe: calls

Agriculture Aid to communication and information relating to the common agricultural policy (budget heading 05 08 06). The European Commission co-finances information measures relating to the common agricultural policy that aim, in particular, at: explaining, contributing to, implementing and developing the policy, promoting the European model of agriculture and helping people understand it, informing farmers …

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Sep 23

The potential of small farming

To ensure food security for all, we will have to increase not just food production, but also availability, especially for those living in developing countries. That means breaking down barriers and inequalities, building capacity, and disseminating knowledge. The International Fund for Agricultural Development sees enormous potential in Africa’s agricultural sector, which experienced 4.8% growth in …

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Sep 21

The future of FIAT and the past of State aids

The strip from Vauro published on Manifesto, roused an angry reaction of Minister Forner

A prophecy in 2004, from a friend to Curzio Maltese about Mr. Marchionne the freshly appointed CEO at FIAT, said: “this is the man who will destroy the automotive industry in Italy”. The prophecy comes true, but most of policy makers and journalists show great surprise after years of lauds. 7.6 billion euro State aids …

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Jul 27

Fall of Gods

Marchionne has to resign from ACEA position, otherwise Volkswagen will leave the organisation. This is not a result of the FIAT’s assets disastrous ‘financialization’ operated by its CEO, but the announcement made by the Wolfsburg group after Marchionne’s words criticizing the German giant for “being too aggressive in its pricing strategy when conditions are already …

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