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Apr 30

Are the Greek Government’s goals so far from Troika’s?

“The current disagreements with our partners are not unbridgeable. Our government is eager to rationalize the pension system (for example, by limiting early retirement), proceed with partial privatization of public assets, address the non-performing loans that are clogging the economy’s credit circuits, create a fully independent tax commission, and boost entrepreneurship. The differences that remain …

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Apr 21

Greece in the arms of Russia and China

Following the “suggestion” from rhe Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schauble who said the Greeks are free to pursue deals with Russia and China as they rush to avoid an impending bankruptcy, the Greek Government is to sign an agreement with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, after the many deals China closed in logistics and industry …

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Apr 14

BRICS and the Fiction of “De-Dollarization”

An interesting essays of Prof. Michael Chossudovsky published on Global Research dismantles the position of “the financial media as well as (of) segments of the alternative media (that) are pointing to a possible weakening of the US dollar as a global trading currency resulting from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) initiative” to …

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Oct 22

USA and the world: what is beyond the debt default

The world is probably living its most dangerous economic era, which begun with the capital off-shoring in the seventies, continued with the great financial bubble from the eighties and is now approaching the next stage of collapse. This is the ultimate crisis and will spread from the USA as in the most recent ones. The …

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Jun 23

Self-fulfilling prophecies

Italy seizing up in a Mediobanca Security report to its customers, uncovered by ilfattoquotidiano.it.   Mediobanca Securities report from ilfattoquotidiano The Country is also in the “blacklist” of European peripheral States —Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy—  where Constitutions with “a strong socialist influence” might put them at the center of the debt crisis, a J. …

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Aug 29

The ECB’s role against spread

Beyond the debate over the pros and cons of direct ECB’s actions to sustain the price of European bonds under attack, Andrew Bosomworth, managing director of the German office of Pimco, the world’s largest investor in government bonds, fears that the new program will mainly attract speculators rather than long-term lenders. “If interest rates for …

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Aug 28

Italy for sale #3

Bad news or a helping hand for those at work on the big sale of Italian assets? Martti Hetemäki, Vice-Minister of Finance and Kare Halonen, Secretary of the State Council of Finland are today in Rome for confidential meetings with members of the Italian government, to provide the Finnish recipe to drop the debt cake: …

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