Jul 11

The loose tights between inflation and unemployment

… And the myth of immaculate inflation.

Read also on The Phillips Curve and the Lucas Critique here

Jul 11

Lobbyists push to anticipate diesel ban in UK

Green Alliance says ending UK sales earlier would close climate target gap and halve oil imports.

Jun 26

Trust in the Union and optimism about the future is growing

Optimism about the economy and strong support for the euro goes with raising trust in the European Union.

The full report and press release here.


Jun 26

Innovative services don’t fear crisis

Hi-tech services can grow during crisis. Resilience and capacity to be fully exploited.

Jun 22

R&D: €560M for smart factories, agrifood and life sciences in Italy

Funding for 560M “smart factories”, agrifood and life sciences. Find out more here.

Jun 22

State aid in Luxembourg

EU Commission finds Luxembourg gave illegal tax benefits to Engie; has to recover around €120 million.

Illegal State Aid to EngieThe European Commission has found that Luxembourg allowed two Engie group companies to avoid paying taxes on almost all their profits for about a decade. This is illegal under EU State aid rules because it gives Engie an undue advantage. Luxembourg must now recover about €120 million in unpaid tax.

Read more at the Commission’s press release database.

Jun 22

Time for the EIB to lead on the clean energy transition

Time for the EU’s bank to lead on the clean energy transition

Current EIB's financing to fossil fuels

Current EIB’s financing to fossil fuels

Source: www.counter-balance.org/eibshift/

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