Feb 22

Need political propaganda? Ask Facebook Global Government and Politics Team

Control over fake news and radical propaganda is been recently set at the top of NATO Countries’ political agenda -a significant test of such strategy is currently run by the Italian government, where the political elections will be held in March, 4.

Unfortunately, in order to make such strategy successful, they should start from inhibiting their governments from using the services offered by a dedicated Facebook’s team. It already worked for many customers such as Alternative für Deutschland, Rodrigo Duterte, Mauricio Macri, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, the Scottish National Party and Donald Trump. And for the India’s prime Minister, as the Voltaire Network unveils in a S. Kasli’s article.

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Jan 09

Forced recession as a tool of social war against the 99%

Stop assuming the 1% wants growth economies…please. Just stop. The 1%’s interest is only in supporting the “keep all I got” model. Continue reading…

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Jul 07

Russia-China Tandem Shifts Global Power

Official Washington’s arrogance in trying to push around Russia and China has pushed the two countries together, creating a dangerous new dynamic in international relations, explains ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
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Jul 06

Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2017

This is not an easy time for journalists all over the world, with the discoveries of surveillance on citizens, which includes journalists and their sources.
A guide, written by a journalist to his colleagues all over the world, may help them protect
their work and fulfill their mission.

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Apr 05

A new false flag scenario in Syria

“Western terror media and Al Nusra [Al Qaeda] terrorist actors, posing as humanitarian White Helmets on the ground in Syria, are at it again!
A new production has just been premiered for the global audience, and the agenda is pretty clear, i.e. Assad must go, and Trump should make that clear enough instead of allowing countries to just chart their own course for the future”.

Read the full article on Covert Geopolitics.

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Mar 08

HONEST Act resurrects the Secret Science Act?

The UCS-USA protests against the recent HONEST Act, which would require that all raw data, models, code, and other materials from scientific studies are made available to the public before a federal agency could use it. It is not a bad idea, in principle. However, there might be negative side-effects. In any case, this will affect an array of geopolitical issues. As it always happens dealing with US affairs. Read more here.

PS: it is to notice “House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology targeted the Union of Concerned Scientists for having spoken with state attorneys general about the role of ExxonMobil in selling a product they knew to be harmful due to the risks of climate change”. Could the UCS’s judgement be influnced by such relationships, as well as by the mood generated by the campaign against Donald Trump?

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Mar 08

The Clinton system to discredit Trump

David Brock is considered to be one of the masters of agit-pro. He worked for the Republicans and the Democrats, and is allegedly at work against Donal Trump. Read this interesting article by T. Meyssan on Voltairenet.org.

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